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Plantation / 53 x 53 / Woven Tapestry Decor

An abstract landscape in soft chalky blues and quiet greens woven with chunky “brush” strokes loaded with texture and oozing serenity.

Expectation / 53 x 71 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Organized stacks of stroked blocks in warm browns with just a splash of color. Abstract, earthy and architectural.

Country Solitude / 31 x 31 / Woven Tapestry Hanging

A moody stormy American landscape of somber sky and billowing clouds underscored by a dusty grassy pasture.

Tribal Beat / 53 x 70 / Woven Tapestry Decor

A textile original collage of fabrics and geometrics bursting forth with texture and vibrancy.

Superstition / 53 x 69 / Woven Wall Tapestry

A violet explosion of smoky grays and brown are complemented by fiery oranges and yellows exploding forth in this original tapestry abstract.

Procession by Julianna James / 53 x 53 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Softly muted tones of irregular segments and wobbly lines forms a peaceful and retro abstract wall tapestry by Acorn Studio artist Julianna James.

Inclusion / 53 x 53 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Warm toned earthy browns in nubby streaks across a textural background are highlighted by two vibrant strands of copper lurex set in a juxtaposition of textures.

Tuscan Afternoon by Brad Simpson / 64 x 90 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Our introduction to San Francisco artist Brad Simpson’s European vision, this large scale Tuscan landscape beckons you through the archway and invites you to stroll down the mountain of a colorful Tuscan

Migration / 53 x 53 / Woven Tapestry

A splintered abstract with the feel of metallic edges woven in rich warm tones of rose caramel and walnut.

One’s Perspective / 53 x 53 / Woven Wall Tapestry

A contemporary strai landscape of exhilarating blues and greens. Puts a new spin on a peaceful scene. A tapestry exclusive

Ravens Panel by Delyth / 53 x 73 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Welsh artist Delyth explores the mystical side of Celtic lore with this detailed woven creation of Ravens Panel.

Transition / 53 x 53 / Woven Tapestry

A tapestry exclusive abstract of cooling blues and rich copper jagged cliffs

Evening Lounge / 67 x 53 / Woven Tapestry Decor

Brent Lynch is the master of color and mystery in his artful pairing Cigar Bar and Evening Lounge. This oil now rendered in tapestry comes alive with the colors and texture that

The Keepsake / 82 x 53 / Woven Tapestry Decor

This traditional wall tapestry was originally created as an oil painting by Kate Bunce in England. As a tapestry, the fabric elements of the painting take on deeper meaning as the fabric

Lighthouse Window by Bob Timberlake / 53 x 38 / Woven Tapestry

Bob Timberlake’s genius comes to life with this simple scene out a lighthouse window. The textures and colors, amazing in the art explode when scene as a wall tapestry.

The Adoration of the Magi / 41 x 63 / Woven Tapestry

The Adoration of the Magi is the name traditionally given to the Christian subject in the Nativity of Jesus in art in which the three Magi, represented as kings, especially in the

Cigar Bar / 53 x 41 / Woven Tapestry

Brent Lynch is the master of color and mystery in his artful pairing Cigar Bar and Evening Lounge. Intriguing characters set off by and uninhibited bold red background invite the viewer to

Coastal Drive / 51 x 52 / Woven Wall Tapestry

Brent Lynch, the master of color and mystery eases the viewer into a romantic vacation laced with Intrigue. This oil now rendered in tapestry comes alive with the colors and texture that

Autumn Minuet I / 52 x 26 / Tapestry Wall Decor

Keith Mallett is the master of texture and design. His art work, rendered in oil is spectacular. When rendered in tapestry, it takes on a whole new dimension. The texture of fabric,

Clause Monet’s Le Point Japonais / 30 x 63 / Woven Tapestry

Inspired by Claude Monet’s original work, LePont Japonais’ window into one of the world’s best known water gardens. The endless breadth of botanical variety is bound only by the simple bridge that